Vue.js CMS Learn how to use Cosmic JS to power content for your projects using tools you love.

Vue.js CMS


Cosmic JS makes it easy to manage content for your Vue.js applications.  Install the Official Cosmic JS JavaScript Client to integrate your Vue.js app today.  Get a feel for Vue.js by taking a spin through our Vue.js Apps and check out the apps and resources below.

Vue.js Quickstart

Install a Cosmic-powered Vue.js app in seconds 🔥

npm i -g cosmic-cli
cosmic init vue-starter
cd vue-starter
cosmic start

Vue.js CMS Articles

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How to Build a Vue.js Photo Gallery
Building an Inventory Management App Using Vue.js and Laravel

Vue.js CMS Resources

Vue Website Boilerplate
Cosmic JS Docs
Official JavaScript Client
Cosmic JS GitHub


npm i cosmicjs

Then in your JavaScript file, get your content:

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