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The Life is Good team is using Cosmic JS to spread good vibes this holiday season. Their Gratitude Wall app allows users to add "sticky notes" with their name and what they are grateful for.
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  For Developers

Build Apps Faster and Lighter

Cosmic JS allows you to eliminate layers of your application technology stack. We handle the data and file management so you can focus on the core areas of your app. As a result, your application is built faster, more light-weight and requires less maintenance over time.

Amazon Web Services Redis Imgix

When you build on Cosmic JS, you leverage the power of modern, best-in-class services.

Powerful APIs

Cosmic JS provides both a REST and GraphQL API to provide Cosmic JS-powered data and files to any website or application. Open-source solutions are available to help you get up and running faster. Get started by reading the documentation.


Quickstart in a few commands

From zero to Cosmic-powered app in seconds 🚀

npm i -g cosmic-cli
cosmic init node-starter
cd node-starter
cosmic start

Use the Tools You Love

You can add the power of Cosmic JS to any new or existing codebase, regardless of programming language.

  For Content Managers

Intuitive Dashboard

The Cosmic JS Dashboard makes it easy to manage content, drag and drop media and build content relationships.

Flexible user roles and permissions are available so team members see only what they need to get their job done.

The Cosmic JS Dashboard. Click image to zoom.

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