Partners Our Partner Programs are available to help our agencies and developers grow. We work with you to make sure you are set up for success.

Partner With Us

Whether you are a designer, developer, consulting firm or agency, there are ways to partner with us to build slick websites & apps, and share in the rewards. Browse the Cosmic JS Partner Programs below. 

Developer Program

No matter what your preferred programming language, we’re interested in the applications you build becoming new content-ready apps in our app store. You’ll take home 70% of the price of the purchased app.  Check out some examples of possible payouts for you.

InstallsApp PriceYour Payout

Agency + Consulting Program

You’re going to save a lot of time and money using Cosmic JS anyway, but we realize the tech recommendations you make reflect your work, so to say thanks, we’ve formed the agency partner program. Set up admin buckets and publish content on behalf of your clients, and let them contribute as well! You can split billing among buckets, by accounts, really however you’d like! We’ll take 15% off of the cost of the plan to say "thanks for your support". Below are examples of payouts based on different monthly tier pricing.

Monthly Bucket Plan Monthly Retail Price Each Monthly Credit Accrual
300 Small 
$9 $405
100 Medium $49  $735
50 Large $99 $742.50

Affiliate Program

Do you have an audience that can benefit from signing up with Cosmic JS? Whether you are running a developer blog, are very active on social media, or would just like to send some friends a link, we make it easy for you to spread the good word about Cosmic JS and benefit in the process. By signing up as an Affiliate Partner you will receive a custom link that you can share with your audience and friends. When the user signs up and upgrades to a paid account, you will receive a $10 credit applied to your account.