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The Problem

Legacy content management systems are not equipped to handle the speed of modern business. Project timelines and costs grow significantly when the wrong technology choice is made. Technical debt grows over time, consuming future resources to maintain old infrastructure.

The Solution

Cosmic JS provides a cloud-based solution that enables rapid application development which scales to meet the demands of modern business. You will see immediate benefits of saved project hours, costs plus a higher level of collaboration within your team.

Customized for Your Business Needs

Enterprise-class SLA
Dedicated Infrastructure
Premium Support
Automatic Backups
Activity Logs
Revision History
Customizable Limits
On-premise Available

Case Studies


Every democracy requires representation. Brand New Congress intends to elect a new set of representatives, and is doing so with the help of Cosmic JS to deliver their content via the cloud.
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Government Agency

Water is the most vital element for life and content is the most vital element for a website. Placer County Water Agency trusts Cosmic JS to deliver content and manage files safely and securely in the cloud to provide updates to its thousands of citizen consumers in the Placer County area.
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Interactive Agency

When Simple Media has a new client project that needs their content delivered via the cloud quickly and easily, they choose Cosmic JS. We are proud to serve them in their cause for the reimagining of the modern interactive agency.
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Career Services

In any bustling economy, a key piece of capital is human capital. When the most precious portion of capital is required, Joblift seeks to connect positions with people. They choose Cosmic JS to deliver their content via the cloud.
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When Big Fish launches a new game for iOS, Android, or Web, they use a marketing landing page to promote the launch. Other CMS systems weren’t as flexible enough for their needs. Cosmic JS provides Big Fish with more creative freedom to build landing pages while allowing game studios to make updates on their own.
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Civic Action

Resistbot empowers citizens to help bring change in their government. By simply texting RESIST to 50409, they will take your request, turn it into a formal letter then fax it to your elected officials. Resistbot uses Cosmic JS to empower their platform with information to serve to their millions of users.
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Second Wind Nation is a publication that covers Running, Cycling and Triathalons. With expert writers in each segment, they needed a solution that ensured developer flexibility while also giving their content writers and editors access to only their particular segment.
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Concierge Services

SmartConnect is a one-stop shop that helps ease the stress of moving into a new home. They help connect customer's water, gas, electricity, TV, phone, internet, satellite and security services in their new home. To do this SmartConnect partners with real estate companies to offer their services. They needed a way to manage content for a marketing website, as well as acquire realtor partners that have their own branded pages.
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Ecommerce | Apparel

Spread the power of optimism. In that spirit, the Life is Good team built a Gratitude Wall for some user-generated-thanksgiving. This widget will allow users to add "sticky notes" with their name and what they are grateful for to the gratitude board.
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Data. Intelligence. Applications. Location Based Analytics. When everything is converging, teams needs collaboration tools to make their lives easier.
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With knowledge experts spread all over the country, contributors need an easy way to preview, edit, schedule and publish content. That's why uses Cosmic JS as its Content Management System.
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