Enterprise Same powerful tools as the hosted product with enterprise-grade features and support.

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Enterprise features include:

  Dedicated infrastructure
  Single sign-on
  24/7 support
  Migration support
  All add-ons included
  Audit logs
  Technical support

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Dedicated Infrastructure Available

Run Cosmic JS Enterprise in our shared cloud, on dedicated infrastructure in a public cloud provider or in your own datacenter. Dedicated Enterprise includes unlimited usage of all of the powerful features of Shared Enterprise, hosted in a dedicated environment.

Customize your cloud provider, CDN preferences and configurations. Data centers can also be set up in a specific geographic region to comply with any data location policies.


Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud


Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology

Cosmic JS is built on a modern technology stack*. The Dedicated Enterprise solution ships with the following services powered by the indicated technology:

  • Admin Dashboard (Node.js)
  • Database (MongoDB)
  • GraphQL API (Lambda Functions)
  • REST API (Node.js)
  • Cache Layer (Fastly)

* Your team does not need to know these technologies. The Cosmic JS technical support team will handle all configurations, ongoing security updates, and software maintenance.

Content Delivery Networks

Cosmic JS uses best-in-class CDNs to serve application resources fast in order to deliver the best experience for your end users world-wide. We can customize the preferred CDN and image processing services for Enterprise customers. Default configurations connect to:

  • Fastly - REST and GraphQL API Global CDN
  • Amazon CloudFront - File storage Global CDN
  • imgix - Provides powerful image processing capabilities for further development time savings. Read more on the imgix website.

Enterprise Features and Support

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On is a convenient way for large organizations to eliminate large team onboarding hassles and allow for greater control over user access. Cosmic JS supports Single Sign-On using popular services such as OneLogin, Okta as well as any other Identity Provider that uses the SAML 2.0 protocol.

SLA and Guaranteed Uptime

We offer a Service Level Agreement ("SLA") for our Enterprise customers. The SLA starts at a commitment to 99.95% uptime. Read more about our premium SLA and options for customizations on our Service Level Agreement page.

Premium Onboarding

Your success is our number one priority. We offer premium training and support for your team to ensure success on the platform. Schedule onsite training, phone or screenshare sessions for dedicated consultation.

Premium Support

With Cosmic JS Premium Support, our team is available 24/7 to deliver rapid response times to handle any immediate needs you may have.

Secure Data Storage

Content delivered by the API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption in transit. With Cosmic JS Dedicated Enterprise, your data is encrypted at rest for an added level of security.

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Powerful Features

Enterprise features include revision history, automatic daily backups, single sign-on, localization, webhooks, custom SLA, and more. Dedicated support is provided to help your team every step along the way.

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