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Cosmic JS makes it easy to manage content for your React applications.


To add Cosmic-powered content to your existing application, here are the recommended steps:

1. Install the NPM module

npm i cosmicjs

2. Configure your Bucket

const Cosmic = require('cosmicjs')
const bucket = Cosmic().bucket({ slug: 'your-bucket-slug' })

3. Get your Objects

const objects = (await bucket.getObjects()).objects

4. Use your Objects in your code:

const runExample = async () => {  
  const objects = (await bucket.getObjects()).objects => {
    console.log(obj.title, obj.slug)

Read the docs for more API options and features.

React Starter

Install a Cosmic-power starter application in a few commands:

npm i -g cosmic-cli
cosmic init react-starter
cd react-starter
cosmic start

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