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Introducing the Cosmic CLI 🎉

The Cosmic CLI puts you in the cockpit of your Cosmic JS Dashboard, giving you access to the powerful features of the Cosmic JS API, all from the comfort of your command line interface.

New Dashboard Redesign

We're excited to push a big redesign to the Cosmic JS Dashboard which you should immediately notice after logging in.

Dev Spotlight: Kevin Grossnicklaus

In this Cosmic JS Developer Spotlight, we sat down with Kevin Grossnicklaus, Principal of ArchitectNow, a St. Louis-based software development firm that specializes in helping customers design, build, and launch rich web and mobile applications across a variety of industries.

Developer Spotlight: Brian Ray

In this Cosmic JS Developer Spotlight, we sat down with Brian Ray, an Austin-based web developer who focuses on building applications on modern stacks with his agency Nomad JS.

Single Sign-On Now Available for Larger Teams

We're on a mission to help teams of all sizes collaborate to build apps faster and easier.  In some cases incorporating a new solution into a workflow for larger team involves challenges for user onboarding and management.

A Cosmic Year in Review

As 2017 comes to a close and we look forward to a new year, I wanted to share my gratitude and excitement for what we've accomplished at Cosmic JS over the past year and what's to come in 2018.