Extend the Possibilities with Cosmic JS Pre-built Extensions available for easy install. View the docs to learn how to build your own.

Search for your favorite Tweets and add to your Bucket!

Twitter Search

Sync your Cosmic Js Objects with Algoia

Algolia Search

Install this Extension to add Google Analytics insights for your website to your Cosmic JS Dashboard.

Google Analytics

Search and add Unsplash photos directly to your Cosmic JS Bucket

Unsplash Photos

This Extension allows you to add training videos to help instruct content editors on how to edit content in their Cosmic JS Bucket.

Training Videos

Add top Hacker News stories to your Cosmic JS Bucket. Your saved stories are available in an endpoint for easy integration in any application or device.

Hacker News Top Stories

A simple extension that allows you to search the Amazon Product Catalog and add the products as Objects to your Bucket.

Amazon Product Search

This Extension helps you to manage your Contact form fields and submissions. Now with easy integration into your website.

Contact Form

This Extension helps you stay focused on your SEO optimization goals with targeted keywords.

SEO Manager

Manage products easily with this extension.

Product Manager