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Cosmic JS enables content managers and developers to work better together. By providing an intuitive Admin Dashboard, powerful APIs, and flexible user roles, applications are built faster, more light-weight, and your whole team saves time in the process.

Intuitive Dashboard

The Cosmic JS Dashboard makes it easy to manage content, drag and drop media and build content relationships.

Flexible user roles and permissions are available so team members see only what they need to get their job done.

The Cosmic JS Dashboard. Click image to zoom.

Powerful APIs

Cosmic JS provides both a REST and GraphQL API to provide Cosmic JS-powered data and files to any website or application. Open-source solutions are available to help you get up and running faster. Get started by reading the documentation.

Secure Data Storage

Content delivered by the API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption in transit. With Cosmic JS Dedicated Enterprise, your data is encrypted at rest for an added level of security.

Powerful Features

Content Modeling

Cosmic JS makes it possible to build virtually any data-driven application. Cosmic JS can power content for any website, native app or IOT / AR / VR app. Our data model and relationships provide the ability for complex structures while maintaining an intuitive interface for content managers.

Media Management

Along with data and content, Cosmic JS is your file / image management solution. Files uploaded to Cosmic JS are immediately available via the API. Organize media into folders and add metadata for additional organization.

Image Processing

Every Cosmic JS plan comes with the power of Imgix image processing. Imgix makes image processing easy by allowing you to resize, crop, rotate, style, watermark images and more easily on-the-fly.


Webhooks automatically send data to the URL of your choice whenever content is edited in your Cosmic JS Bucket. For example, this can be used to trigger a static website rebuild or notify your team on Slackā„¢ when content has been changed in your Bucket.

User Roles and Permissions

Cosmic JS allows you to add your team members for seamless collaboration. Easily set their role as an Admin, Developer, Editor or Collaborator allowing each team member to only see what they need to get their job done.

Publishing Options

Cosmic JS makes it easy to save draft content and preview your changes prior to publishing. Scheduled publishing is also available to publish content at a later date and time.

Revision History

With revision history, you no longer have to worry about editing mistakes. You now have the power to go back in time and revert to prior versions.

Single Sign On

We support OneLogin, Okta as well as any other Identity Provider that uses the SAML 2.0 protocol. This is convenient for large organizations with many users as it eliminates onboarding hassles and allows for greater control over user access.


The Localization add-on allows you to reach a global audience by giving you the power to build your content in different languages. You have an option tab in your Object Type settings titled "Localization". Choose from over 400 different locales to serve your content to the world.

Data Import / Export

You own your data. Importing and exporting your data is made easy, simply download your Bucket file (in JSON format) and import it into a new Bucket. This makes syncing data between Buckets fast and easy.


With Cosmic Functions, you can deploy server-side code without having to manage server infrastructure. Simply connect your AWS account and deploy code from the comfort of your Cosmic JS Bucket. Read the Cosmic Functions documentation for more info.

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