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Three Ways to Use The Cosmic Stack

In last week's article, Tony told us about the ingredients in The Cosmic Stack, why it is so powerful and what its benefits are. Now that we've seen what The Cosmic Stack looks like, let's look at how we can customize our use of it. 

From a high level, you have three basic ways to use The Cosmic Stack. You have flexibility to use just the CMS API, the CMS API and your own app hosted on the Cosmic app server, or the CMS API with a pre-built content-ready app hosted on the Cosmic App Server.

1. Manage Content 


GitHub Repo
Hosting Server

This scenario will require a developer to sync the Cosmic JS API to your website or application. From then on, content managers can syndicate content to their heart's content. We've provided Client libraries to help you easily manage content for your website or app. 

2. Build, Deploy, Host & Manage Content 
GitHub repo
Cosmic App Server

This scenario will require a developer to integrate your GitHub account with Cosmic JS & deploy the app. Content managers can get a head start in their dashboard while the dev team polishes the app's code in GitHub. Read more on app deployment and hosting through Cosmic JS. 

3. Deploy & Manage Pre-Built Apps 
Cosmic App Server

This scenario only requires anyone who likes an app and wants to see it online for their business, association or portfolio. Browse our content-ready apps.

The Cosmic Stack is flexible for teams & companies. Build, deploy, host, update, or simply customize your Cosmic Stack to fit your team's needs. We built Cosmic JS for one reason: to simplify the content management stack while making developers and content editors happy by putting content first. Read their testimonials here. 

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Did you know that we have some great resources available over on our GitHub page?  Use these packages, examples and clients to help you build your next big project or contribute to an existing one.


1. Cosmic JS Node Package

- This is a great package for your Node.js app.  
Easily add this to your JS setup with npm install cosmicjs

2. Cosmic JS Browser Package

- This is a great package for your your browser-based apps.  
Easily add this to your JS setup with npm install cosmicjs-browser

3. Cosmic JS PHP Client

- This is the official PHP client that makes adding a CMS to your PHP app a breeze.

Example Websites

1. Astral (PHP)

- This is a really cool PHP single page application built using the PHP client on an frontend.

- This is a single page React app that uses React Router and the Flux pattern.  The pages load fast!

I hope you find that these links and resources help you learn more about building with the Cosmic JS content API.  If you have any questions about the API, you can learn more in the Cosmic JS API Documentation.

In this video tutorial, I show you how to add webhooks to your Cosmic JS bucket.  Cosmic JS makes it easy for you to add webhooks, allowing you to send data to the endpoints of your choice whenever content is changed.  This is useful for triggering static site builds, posting a message on Slack, or communicating with any 3rd party API whenever content has changed in your bucket.

We're happy to offer website boilerplates for both of these powerful frameworks that give you out-of-the-box connection to your Cosmic JS Bucket.

At Cosmic JS our mission is to help teams build websites and apps faster and easier.  Today, we’re happy to announce an exciting milestone: we have passed 1,000,000 API requests.  This comes shortly after announcing our 500,000th API request last month.  This means that over 1 Million times someone has used Cosmic JS to view a web page, create a static website build, send a chat message, vote for their preferred presidential candidate or view a blog post using an iOS or Android device.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to build a simple note taking app that can be used inside of your command line. We're going to use Cosmic JS which allows us to view these notes from anywhere on any device.

Don’t project, just build it cool and easily usable.

Make it the best option available.

Make it the product YOU want to use.