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New Website Boilerplates 🛠️🚀

Website boilerplates are a great way to jump-start your new development project. We're excited to announce the addition of our Next.js and Nuxt.js Website Boilerplates which connect to your Cosmic JS Bucket for easy content management.  Check them out below:

Click here to view the Next.js Boilerplate
Click here to view the Nuxt.js Boilerplate

React and Vue are two of the most beloved JavaScript frameworks. And Next.js and Nuxt.js add to the value these frameworks give you.  They provide some great out-of-the-box features including built-in routing, server-side rendering and a killer developer experience.

We also also offer a Node.js website boilerplate for those that would rather stay server-side:
Click here to view the Node.js Website Boilerplate

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As a developer, getting a CMS set up for your content creators requires a certain level of empathy. It's your job to make a technology choice that allows them to work in a comfortable environment and only see what they need to get their job done.

There is a powerful trend happening in technology.  It is a shift from confined, installed systems into a more free, micro-services economy.  This can be seen in the consumer space from people choosing to stream music instead of downloading MP3s, choosing to Uber to work rather than drive their personal car and people choosing to order groceries to their door from Amazon instead of going to the grocery store.

We know first hand the problem of building websites and apps on a time crunch.  And it's always nice to find something pre-built that you can simply pull "off-the-shelf" and customize to fit your needs.

In an effort to make the data modeling of Metafields even easier, you can now add Metafields at the top, bottom and inline between Metafields.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to build a simple note taking app that can be used inside of your command line. We're going to use Cosmic JS which allows us to view these notes from anywhere on any device.

Cosmic JS Founders Tony Spiro and Carson Gibbons were featured on The Next Level Show, a Dallas-based business talk show that features Founders and CEOs. The founders discussed their historical pain points with installed content management systems, as well as their partnership, private beta updates, and the frontier of cloud-based CMS APIs that both speed up the development cycle and add to the bottom line. Stream the audio file or watch the interview here.