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App Deployment Monitoring Now Available

Cosmic JS makes it easy to deploy your application from GitHub to your own instance on the Cosmic JS App Server.  And starting today, you can now view the status of every deployment attempt in an easy-to-use table.  

This means that if there is an error on your deploy, you will be able to see exactly the error output to address any issues with your application.  When the deploy is a success, you will see the entire build process indicated clearly.   This gives you the ability to keep track of all of your deployments in a running history.

Simply go to Your Bucket > Web Hosting after logging into your Cosmic JS account.  When you click the "View Log" button, you will see the detail of the log.  

Application deployment monitoring is another way that Cosmic JS is making it easier for you to build (and deploy!) your apps faster and easier.

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In this article I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily create a cross-platform blog that will connect your content across Web, iOS and Android.  With content powered but Cosmic JS, you will be able to edit your content once and deliver the update simultaneously across all devices and platforms.  This is powerful stuff.  Let’s get started.