Content-Ready Websites and Apps Websites and apps available for easy install. Demo and learn how to build Cosmic JS-powered applications.

A website for the forward-thinking creative agency.  Built on a modern Node.js / Cosmic JS stack, features include team management, portfolio grid, contact form and more.

Creative Agency

A simple landing page for lead email capture to MailChimp.  Install, deploy and begin capturing email addresses in minutes.

Email Capture

This single page website landing page is build using Node.js and a minimal theme from Start Bootstrap.  Install, deploy and edit every part of this landing page website from your Cosmic JS Bucket Dashboard.

Landing Page

React universal website built using the Next.js framework.  Code is shared between the client and server making development a breeze.  Add Cosmic JS-powered content and you're taking your website to the Next.js level.

Next.js Website

This is an example of a user management app built using Node.js and Cosmic JS. User information is stored as objects in your Cosmic JS dashboard for easy adding, editing and extending.

User Management

This powerful website gives you both the flexibility to manage content from the Cosmic JS API and the speed of static HTML.  Plus you can use Markdown files and automate the build process using Webhooks.  Check out the accompanying article to see how it's built.

Static Website

This app is three apps in one:  Web, iOS and Android app all with content powered by Cosmic JS.  Go to the GitHub repo to see the iOS and Android app share the same React Native codebase which cuts dev time in half. The web version runs on a light Node.js server.

Cross-Platform Blog

This slick photography website is built using Node.js on the server and Bootstrap on the frontend.  It is fully responsive down to mobile, includes a contact form and a gallery section powered by Photoswipe.

Photography Website

This real estate website satisfies some common website requirements including dynamic pages, listing management, blog articles, author management, SEO ability, contact form and website search.

Real Estate

A voting app that uses React for UI, MobX for state management and React Bootstrap for the frontend framework.  Add unlimited polls, upload images for each option and each poll has its own unique link.

Voting App

Website built using the Node.js Website Boilerplate.  Fully responsive down to mobile, SEO ready, includes a contact form and full site search.

Roofing Company

Website built using the Node.js Website Boilerplate.  Fully responsive down to mobile, SEO ready, includes a contact form and full site search.

Medical Professional

Stellar is a single-page website built on a light Node.js server with a front end by @ajlkn at HTML5 UP.


Now running on React v15.0! The React Universal Blog is both a single-page app and a server-rendered website which is fast and can be indexed by search engines.

React Universal

Slide Deck is built on top of the Impress.js presentation framework and runs on a light Node.js server.  After installation, you can configure all layout, content and animations within your Cosmic JS bucket dashboard.

Slide Deck

This is an awesome Node.js app that uses the Express framework.   It is adapted from a theme at

Future Imperfect

This beautiful PHP single page website is adapted from a theme at and uses the easy to install Cosmic JS PHP Client.


A basic real time chat app using React, and the Cosmic JS API.

React Chat App

This Angular JS single page wedding website makes it easy to edit content, update photos and plan for the big day.

Wedding Site

A basic example of how you can use the Cosmic JS localization feature.  It uses simple Ajax requests to switch content between four different locales.

Localization Example

This example app demonstrates how you can use React, MobX and the Cosmic JS API to create and remove posts from your bucket.

MobX Example App

This is a very cool blog app built using Polymer.  Contributed by M. Andrew Darts.

Polymer Blog Example