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React VR Art Gallery App

React VR art gallery app codebase and demo video link.
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Building for Team Success with Content-Powered Apps

Tony Spiro, co-founder and CEO of Cosmic JS, presented "Building for Team Success with Content-Powered Apps" to illustrate the build vs. buy concept of software development in the API-first microservices movement. The full video is embedded below and runs approximately 45 minutes.
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How to Add Google Analytics Insights in Cosmic JS

Cosmic JS Extensions make it possible to extend the functionality of Cosmic JS for both the developer and editor. A recent example built by the Cosmic JS Community is the Google Analytics Extension, which allows team members to easily see analytics insights directly in their Cosmic JS Bucket.
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How to Schedule Automatic Backups in Cosmic JS

In addition to Import / Export Features and Revision History, Cosmic JS has added Automatic Bucket Backups to deliver even more peace of mind to you and your content editing team. To add daily Backups to your Buckets go to Your Bucket Dashboard > Settings > Backups.
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Google Analytics Extension

An easy way to add analytics dashboard in your cosmic bucket.
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Google Analytics

Install this Extension to add Google Analytics insights for your website to your Cosmic JS Dashboard.
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How to Search and Add Unsplash Photos to your Cosmic JS Bucket

Now editors can use the new Unsplash Photos Extension to find and add stock photography to their media library, all from the comfort of their Bucket Dashboard without having to interface with a third-party website like Unsplash.
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Unsplash Photos

Search and add Unsplash photos directly to your Cosmic JS Bucket
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New Deployment Options Available in Cosmic JS

Cosmic JS allows developers to deploy their codebases to the Cosmic JS App Server for staging, testing and demo purposes, and is now offering new production deployment options available with some of your favorite deployment services.
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How to Add Custom Descriptions to Metafields

You can add help text by clicking the "?" icon when you hover over any Metafield. The text will be available to content managers when they hover the "?" icon.
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Use this blog to monetize your content with crowd-sourced cryptocurrency mining. Think of it as an alternative to advertising.


This blog uses Next.js to create a Universal React blog. It connects to the Cosmic JS API via GraphQL. Manage your content from your Cosmic JS Bucket Dashboard.

Simple React Blog

A simple blog for the traveler and story teller. Easily add and edit authors, create blog posts and assign categories. Deploy this app in minutes to begin documenting your journey.

Simple Blog

Vue universal website built using the Nuxt.js framework. Code is shared between the client and server making development a breeze. Add Cosmic JS-powered content and you're taking your website to the Nuxt.js level.

Nuxt.js Website

Search and add Unsplash photos directly to your Cosmic JS Bucket

Unsplash Photos

React VR art gallery app codebase and demo video link.

React VR Art Gallery App

In this video, Cosmic JS co-founder Tony Spiro takes you on a tour of the new Cosmic CLI which allows you to do all of the awesome things you can with the Cosmic JS API, from the comfort of your command line interface.

Cosmic CLI Video Tour

In this video tutorial, I show you how to use the Cosmic CLI to install and deploy a Cosmic JS GraphQL-powered App in 5 minutes.

VIDEO: Install and Deploy a GraphQL-powered App in 5 minutes using the Cosmic CLI

In this short walk-through, I show you how to add localization to your Cosmic JS Object Types.

How to Add Localization to Bucket Object Types

In this tutorial, Cosmic JS co-founder Tony Spiro shows you how to quickly and easily add dynamic content to your Next.js app.

How to Add Dynamic Content to Your Next.js App

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a simple blog using React and GraphQL. This is going to be the fastest and most light-weight blog you've ever built.

How to Build a Simple Blog Using React and GraphQL

In this tutorial I show you how to:1. Build a Cosmic JS Extension using Create React App2. Upload the Extension to your Cosmic JS BucketFor more info on Extensions visit

Video: How to Build a Cosmic JS Extension Using Create React App

In this video I take you on an exciting tour of the Cosmic JS NPM module version 3.0.

Cosmic JS NPM Module v3.0 Tour

A brief run-down of Bucket lifecycle methods using the Cosmic JS NPM module. To get your authentication token, sign up and go to Your Account Settings > Authentication.

Bucket Lifecycle Methods