Matt Cain

I'm a full stack developer passionate about building beautiful, useful applications for the web using performant, reliable, and agile code.
  Pittsburgh, PA
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This Express app let's you store information about your band, your band's tour dates, and your band's photos in Cosmic JS and present them to your fans in the form of a traditional band site.

Band Website

Use this app to allow people to schedule appointments with you. Uses React for the frontend, Twilio for message confirmation and Cosmic JS to store appointments.

Appointment Scheduler

Start your blogging career with this app that allows you to charge users on a subscription basis. Simply install the app, add your Stripe keys, then deploy to the Cosmic App Server (or your chosen hosting solution).

Premium Content Blog

A website built using Ember.js, powered by the Cosmic JS CMS API. Includes listing adding and editing plus a ranking system to upvote and downvote listings.

Real Estate Website

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When you're laser focused on writing songs, getting the most out of your studio time, and finding gigs, you can't be bothered with setting up a static site for your band or dealing with abstruse CMS systems.

How to Build a Website for Your Band With Cosmic JS