John Hopper

Hello! My name is John Allen Hopper and I am a Full Stack Web Developer in Dallas, Texas. I joined CosmicJS because of its wide app variety, simplistic front-end API, and community support. With CosmicJS, developing responsive web applications built on modern software like React, Next, Angular, and Vue becomes easier for the developer who is focused on UI/UX, embedded functionality, and connectivity. It is my goal to improve the developer community by contributing new code to the CosmicJS library asap! My current subjects of interest/research are: ecommerce, websites for artists & freelancers, and front-end web development. The code I am working with is React, Express, Angular, Next, Node, and Bootstrap! Happy coding :)
  Dallas, Texas

Product Catalog App

A simple product catalog mobile app built with Angular JS, Ionic and Cosmic JS. Add / edit products and sort by category.

Google Analytics

Install this Extension to add Google Analytics insights for your website to your Cosmic JS Dashboard.
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