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Intuitive Content Modeling

Cosmic JS uses a simple, yet powerful, approach to content modeling.
Buckets are highly flexible ways to store data and files for any project. A Bucket can power content for an entire website, a part of a website, native apps, IOT apps, and more.
All Bucket data can be imported / exported at anytime to create syncing between environments (development, staging, production). You can have as many Buckets as you want.
Objects are your building blocks for your Bucket. They are grouped into Object Types such as Pages, Blog Posts, Authors, etc.
The Object dashboard experience maps intuitively to the Object API JSON response.
Metafields give you the ability to extend Object content models. Extend data with select options, media, markdown, nested data, repeating fields, and connect Objects to create reusable components with ease.
Metafield options include:
✅ Plain text
✅ Select options
✅ HTML and rich text
✅ Markdown
✅ Object connections and relationships
✅ Repeating groups of content
✅ Nested fields
✅ JSON data
✅ and more!