Flynn Buckingham

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Multi Language Survey

A multi-language SurveyJS application powered by React and the Cosmic API.

React News App

A minimal news blog boilerplate powered by ReactJS and the Cosmic API.

Static Multi-Language App

A static website that allows to you easily manage content in different languages. Content is stored in a JS file at build time to minimize API usage.
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Using Cosmic JS and Zapier to integrate your content across the Web

One of the largest problems I’ve faced while working on projects is having to deal with integrating content and events into third-party services.It’s time consuming, and as the demands in the application in question grows, so does the mental strain in having to keep up to pace with all the changes

Building your own news blog with Cosmic JS + React

Build your own news blog with Cosmic JS + React with this minimal starter application.

Build a multi-language survey with Cosmic JS + Survey.js

Eliminate the language barrier between you and the opinions of your customers