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When Big Fish launches a new game for iOS, Android, or Web, they use a marketing landing page to promote the launch. Big Fish uses Cosmic JS to curate and update content on each of their landing pages.
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  For Developers

Build Apps Faster and Lighter

Cosmic JS enables developers to build modern, content-powered applications without the hassle of maintaining installed CMS infrastructure.

Leverage Cosmic JS infrastructure and focus on the core areas of your application. Tools, APIs, and resources are provided to give you a best-in-class developer experience.

Quickstart in a few commands

From zero to Cosmic-powered app in seconds πŸš€

npm i -g cosmic-cli
cosmic init node-starter
cd node-starter
cosmic start

Use the Tools You Love

You can add the power of Cosmic JS to any new or existing codebase, regardless of programming language. See more app integration tips in our knowledge base.

  For Content Creators

Delightful Experience

The Cosmic JS Dashboard gives the content creator an unmatched, delightful experience to create content. The content publishing experience has been described as "it doesn't get much easier".

Flexible user roles and permissions are available so team members see only what they need to get their job done.

Uptime you can depend on

Don't fear downtime on shared or Enterprise plans. Enterprise plans start at a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Check our status page for historical uptime on our shared infrastructure.

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